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Cato Inaugurates Special Wire Drawing Plant

With a significant investment in advanced drawing machinery, a heat treatment oven and remodeling of its interior space, Industrias Cato inaugurated a modern special wire drawing plant in its facilities.

Excellence begins at the base, without superior quality wire it is difficult to achieve the optimal product for the needs of today’s industry. Today’s customers demand uniformity in dimensions, hardness, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and a host of technical requirements. In southwestern Colombia there is a drawing service offer for common wires (construction, land fencing, agricultural market) but the offer of drawing service for wires suitable for the manufacture of high quality screws is limited. Cato Industries found itself with wires with variations in hardness, mechanical and dimensional resistance that made it difficult to produce screws of optimal quality; reprocessing was frequent, complicating the scheduling of efficient screw production. The company came to the conclusion that by vertically integrating its process and setting up its own drawn wire plant it could not only overcome these difficulties, it could also improve its internal efficiency and develop better screws for its customers’ needs.

The ingenuity of the Cato Industries human team managed to propose a compact plant design, adapted to the needs with the following characteristics:

  • Great versatility in drawing gauges.
  • Reliable and safe equipment that eliminates operational risks and guarantees reliability and safety to the operator.
  • Adequate productivity and efficiency.
  • Thermal treatments with controlled atmosphere and mechanical stripping which eliminates the use of acids and their corresponding residues that cause environmental deterioration.
  • Advanced quality control methods.
  • Traceability of products from the steel manufacturer to the finished product.
  • Trained human resources committed to quality.

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